Our Campus



Along with core classrooms the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering features state-of-the-art facilities and the use of advanced technology. To further enhance the Advanced Science and Mathematics curriculum, each building boasts top of the line laboratories with cutting edge technology for research and development.

Fabrication Laboratory -  The Fabrication Laboratory, is dedicated to the manufacturing of basic mechanical components as related to engineering and aeronautical design

Computer Science Laboratory  - The Computer Science Laboratory, located on the second floor focuses on the computer programming languages, teaching app design and provide students with the ability to apply their knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering through the development  of Computer programs.

Digital Art Laboratory - The Digital Art Laboratory, located on the third floor in the middle school wing is a multi-purpose space intended for the creation, and presentation of digital and graphic design projects.  In addition, the space provides an area for students to hand craft their ideas into three dimensional physical materials prototypes and models. 

Physics Classroom/Laboratories - The Physics Classrooms/Laboratories, located on the first floor Science Wing provide students with a space dedicated to the intensive and rigorous study of the properties of matter, the elemental forces and the physical laws that govern everything from the flow of electrons through a wire to the creation of stars in a distant galaxy. The Lab also serves as an advanced lab space for photonics, nuclear science, materials science, and robotics

Engineering Laboratory - The Engineering Laboratory, located on the first floor focuses on engineering, technology, robotics and electronics.  This large working space allows for students to conceive designs, build prototypes and test engineering solutions.

Large Project Room : The Large Project Room, located first floor Science wing allows students to work collaboratively on long term projects  that span across multiple disciplines.  Students work as part of an organized team to conduct research using state of the art equipment.  Group study allows students to set up and work on long term projects including robotics and rocketry construction for competitions

Aeronautics Laboratory, Aeronautics Project Room :  The Aeronautics Laboratory, located on the first floor is used to teach students the analysis, design, and operation of aircraft and space vehicles.  The Project Room is used for student collaboration and project development in the area of aeronautic.  It affords students the space to collaborate on projects with an emphasis on group study and to conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data in aerodynamics, propulsion, structures and control systems.

Digital Design - The Digital Design room, located on the first floor is dedicated to computer based CAD design. Many of the designs are then rendered into prototypes using additive manufacturing tools like the 3D printers. Some of the developed designs may be fabricated within the adjacent Manufacturing Labs

Auditorium /Multipurpose Space - The Auditorium is a “flexible, multipurpose space”. It is used as a presentation area for assemblies and evening events, as well as a space for robotics and drama clubs.