Athletics at the Academy of Aerospace & Engineering


  • Boys Basketball: [ Varsity | JV ]
  • Boys Cross Country: [ Varsity ]
  • Boys Indoor Track: [ Varsity ]
  • Boys Soccer: [ Varsity | JV ]
  • Girls Basketball: [ Varsity ]
  • Girls Cross Country: [ Varsity ]
  • Girls Indoor Track: [ Varsity ]
  • Girls Volleyball: [ Varsity | JV ]
  • Rosters:
  • Boys Cross Country
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Basketball
  • Girls Cross Country
  • Girls Volleyball
  • You can visit the CREC Interscholastic Athletic Program page for information, forms, and schedules.

    Below you will find the contact information for the coaches of each sport offered at AAE along with a link to the practice and game schedule for that team. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Sports program coordinator Ms. Olivia Hussey at
    AAE Sports Twitter logo@AAEAthletics

    High School Teams

    HS Girls Volleyball Schedule

    Jess Sosnicki

    Elizabeth Thomas 

    HS Cross Country Schedule

    Becky Peabody

    Jane Manby

    HS Boys Soccer Schedule

    Marc Tancredi

    Oscar Perez

    HS Girls Soccer Schedule
     Co-op team with PSA

    Bruce Michaels (out of school coach)

    Camille Thomas (out of school coach-teaches at PSA)

    CREC District HS Football Schedule
     Co-op team with PSA and MLC

    Maurice Lloyd

    Middle School Teams

    MS Girls Volleyball Schedule

    Katie Lattarulo

    Mark Coley

    MS Girls Soccer Schedule

    Colin Fletcher

    Kim Samperi

    MS Boys Soccer Schedule

    Michael Cameron

    MS Cross Country Schedule

    Dan Stowe

    Stacey Clark  

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